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Papyrus Computer Technologies Ltd.

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Founded more than four decades ago, Papyrus Computer Technologies Ltd. is a recognized leader in the RS-232/RS-422-RS-485, TCP/IP servers, USB and communication, ExpressCard and PCMCIA PC devices as well other peripherals devices.

This further to Papyrus Computer Technologies Ltd. being involved in some special Avionics product lines which includes developments and support of special testing and control software and hardware and which are sold mainly to Airlines and End-User organizations..

Some of our partners in the computer products field are: Addonics Technologies, Altec ComputerSystems, A-Mego Infotech, B&B Electronics, Brainxoes Limited, Commell (Taiwan Commate Computers inc.), Dediprog Technology, Integrity Instruments, JS Automation Corp., Liang-Herng Enterprise, LyCOM Technology Inc.,  Soarland & Hexin Technology Limited, Ontrak Control Systems, Quatech Inc., Sagatek Group, TopsCCC Technology, VSCOM/TITAN Electronics Inc., Yuan High-Tech Development Co., LTD with more others.

Papyrus Computer Technologies Ltd. is committed to supplying innovative, high performance, affordable solutions to the broadest range of markets.

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In the products lines sold and distributed by Papyrus Computer Technologies ltd. you shall be able to find products like : ATA Flash cards, Compact Flash cards, Ethernet PC-Card and Express Card, FireWire (1394) Cards in different formats (PC-Card, ExpressCard, PCI, PCI-e), Linear Flash, Memory Card Media Adapters, SD Card, Smart Card Related products, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 devices in all formats (PC-Card, ExpressCard, PCI, PCI-e, TCP/IP, USB, DIN, different kinds of converters, repeaters and extenders etc.), USB control in all different formats (PCI, PCI-e, PC-CARD, ExpressCard, TCP-IP etc.), X.25 PCI-e and PC Cards, WAN, and synchronous LAN adapters etc.

Additional products are special Avionics lines including development and support of hardware & software. Those all are sold mainly to airlines and End-User organizations

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You shall be able to find in our web pages large and extensive number of  white papers, FAQ, drivers and manuals for all of the products and products lines which are sold by us.


Special sale of products that remain in stock and/or End Of Life (EOL) at clearance price

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Our USB products will fits your Storage (SATA/eSATA, SAS, IDE), RS-232, RS-422/RS-485, Video, Network Communication etc, needs